OpenAI API: ChatGPT Marketing Automation & Growth Hacking

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the core concepts of ChatGPT and the OpenAI API.
  • Establish a foundational understanding of AI-driven marketing and growth hacking strategies.
  • Seamlessly integrate ChatGPT with platforms like Bubble, Airtable, and Make for enhanced productivity in marketing campaigns.
  • Automate business processes using ChatGPT, from crafting personalized customer responses to generating insightful marketing data analysis.
  • Develop the skill to craft effective prompts that yield high-quality marketing content and data insights from ChatGPT.
  • Learn expert techniques for engaging customers and improving campaign performance using AI-generated content.
  • Master advanced features such as token management, data fetching, and router setups to unlock the full potential of ChatGPT in growth hacking scenarios.
  • Discover how to optimize ChatGPT for virality and user acquisition.
  • Transform spreadsheet operations by integrating ChatGPT in Excel, streamlining data analysis, and automating reporting for marketing metrics.
  • Build automated systems for email marketing, content generation, and customer relationship management.
  • Navigate ChatGPT's pricing options to optimize cost while maximizing value for marketing operations.
  • Learn strategies for maintaining high-quality outcomes while managing operational budgets efficiently.
  • Engage with real-life examples and exercises that provide hands-on experience in applying ChatGPT to various marketing and growth hacking tasks.
  • Work through structured projects that simulate actual marketing challenges and opportunities for growth.
  • Create innovative workflows and reporting systems that leverage AI for decision-making and provide robust insights.
  • Gain practical experience in developing systems that enhance the end-user experience and foster business growth.
  • Work on end-to-end projects, from setting up the environment and interfaces to deploying live marketing automation solutions.
  • Test and refine AI-powered marketing strategies to ensure they deliver the desired results in live environments.

Course Content

Introduction to ChatGPT & OpenAI API

Understanding ChatGPT Concepts

OpenAI’s Platform & Models

Bubble with OpenAI Integrations

Airtable with OpenAI Integrations

Build Automated Email Responder

Build Text to Image Generator

Audio to Text Generator Tool