Snapchat Ads: Social Media Marketing with Snapchat Marketing

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About Course

Unlock the power of Snapchat Ads with our FREE comprehensive course designed to catapult your social media marketing into new heights. Whether you're a budding marketer, a small business owner, or someone curious about the dynamic world of Snapchat marketing, this course is your gateway to mastering one of the most engaging platforms out there.

Dive into the intricacies of Snapchat Ads through a meticulously structured curriculum that covers everything from setting up your ads account to crafting campaigns that resonate with your audience. Learn why Snapchat is the go-to platform . . .

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What Will You Learn?

  • The basics of Snapchat Ads and social media marketing with Snapchat
  • Why a landing page is crucial for Snapchat Ads success
  • How to set up a Snapchat Ads account
  • Understanding how Snapchat Ads work
  • The importance of Snapchat in a marketing strategy
  • How to track website activities with Snapchat
  • Setting up Snapchat Pixel and Event Tracking
  • Account structure and creative strategies for Snapchat Ads
  • Designing effective Snapchat Ad creatives
  • Campaign level settings for targeted advertising
  • Ad group and ad level settings for precise campaign management
  • Audience creation for targeted remarketing
  • How to launch remarketing campaigns on Snapchat
  • Exploring various campaign types including lead generation, awareness, app-related, and engagement campaigns
  • Techniques for creating campaigns for video views
  • Setting up catalog sales and managing Snapchat catalogs
  • Gaining insights into your audience through Snapchat
  • Understanding reports and analytics via email
  • Bonus content to enhance your Snapchat marketing skills

Course Content

Introduction to Snapchat Ads

Fundamental For Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat Ads Tracking & Setup

Account Structure & Creatives Ad

Structure of Pinterest Ads

Remarketing with Snapchat Ads

Other Campaigns Types

Miscellaneous Things About Snapchat