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Best AI Courses: 13+ Free AI Courses Online

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  • Post published:May 23, 2024
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In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence, staying updated with the latest advancements is crucial. Whether you’re a beginner or an enthusiast, our AI courses online provide the perfect opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills. This comprehensive guide covers our top free courses AI courses for beginners, designed to offer valuable insights and practical skills.

Let’s explore the best AI courses for beginners available online today. Here are the list of artificial intelligence online course(s):-

OpenAI Guide: Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT, DALL-E, and More

OpenAI Guide: Masterclass is an essential course for anyone interested in mastering prompt engineering. This course covers the basics of using OpenAI’s powerful tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E. You’ll learn how to create effective prompts, generate creative content, and utilize these tools for various applications.

Value for Beginners:

  • Understand the fundamentals of prompt engineering.
  • Learn practical applications with real-world examples.
  • Gain confidence in using advanced AI tools.

Become Pro: Explore more advanced techniques and the ChatGPT Build & Sell API for Passive Income course in our paid course.

Free Prompt Engineering Course

Our Free Prompt Engineering Course dives deeper into the intricacies of crafting precise prompts to achieve desired outcomes. This course is perfect for those who have a basic understanding and want to refine their skills.

Value for Beginners:

  • In-depth exploration of prompt crafting.
  • Hands-on exercises for better retention.
  • Techniques to enhance AI interactions.

Become Pro: Upgrade to our advanced course to automate the task with Prompt Engineering and Python.

AI Web Development: Build Websites with ChatGPT

AI Web Development Course teaches you how to integrate AI into web development. Learn to build dynamic, AI-driven websites using ChatGPT.

Value for Beginners:

  • Step-by-step guide to using AI in web development.
  • Real-life projects to practice your skills.
  • Enhance your web development toolkit with AI.

Become Pro: Advance your web development skills with our comprehensive paid course.

Mailchimp Email Marketing for Beginners with ChatGPT

Mailchimp Email Marketing Course provides beginners with the skills to create effective email campaigns using Mailchimp and ChatGPT.

Value for Beginners:

  • Learn to design and automate email campaigns.
  • Utilize AI to enhance email marketing strategies.
  • Increase your marketing effectiveness.

Become Pro: Access our advanced course for in-depth email marketing techniques with Mailchimp.

DALL-E AI Art Generation: Step-by-Step Guide

AI Art Generation Guide walks you through creating stunning AI-generated art using DALL-E.

Value for Beginners:

  • Introduction to AI art creation.
  • Practical tips for using DALL-E.
  • Showcase your creativity with AI.

Become Pro: Learn advanced art generation techniques in our paid course.

Build AI Tools with Formwise and OpenAI API on WordPress

AI Tools with Formwise teaches you to build AI-powered tools using Formwise and OpenAI API.

Value for Beginners:

  • Step-by-step tool creation.
  • Integrate AI with WordPress seamlessly.
  • Enhance your WordPress site with AI tools.

Become Pro: Explore more advanced tool-building techniques in our paid course.

Create AI Images for Free Using Leonardo AI

Create AI Images with Leonardo AI provides an easy-to-follow guide for beginners to generate AI images.

Value for Beginners:

  • Learn to create AI images effortlessly.
  • Practical examples to boost your skills.
  • Unleash your creativity with AI.

Become Pro: Access advanced image creation techniques in our paid course.

Midjourney Free Best Ai Courses Guide

Our Midjourney Free Guide offers a comprehensive introduction to using Midjourney for AI applications.

Value for Beginners:

  • Understand the basics of Midjourney.
  • Practical insights for better application.
  • Enhance your AI journey with hands-on learning.

Become Pro: Explore advanced strategies in our detailed paid course.

Google Bard (Gemini) AI Chatbot: Free Google Bard Course

Google Bard AI Chatbot Course introduces you to creating and utilizing Google Bard AI chatbots. This AI courses for beginners about Bard is now Google Gemini. Do not worry it works the same way. You can just access Gemini from here.

Value for Beginners:

  • Learn to build AI chatbots from scratch.
  • Practical chatbot applications.
  • Improve user interactions with AI.

Become Pro: Dive deeper into chatbot development with our paid course.

Learn Python Basics with AI free courses Like ChatGPT and Google Bard

Learn Python Basics integrates Python programming with AI tools, perfect for beginners.

Value for Beginners:

  • Introduction to Python programming.
  • Integrate Python with AI tools.
  • Practical coding exercises.

Become Pro: Master Python with our advanced course.

ChatGPT for Quora: Get Free Website Traffic from Quora

ChatGPT for Quora teaches you to leverage ChatGPT to drive traffic from Quora to your website. These AI courses for beginners with Quora will help you get traffic to your website.

Value for Beginners:

  • Learn effective Quora strategies.
  • Drive traffic using AI.
  • Enhance your online presence.

Become Pro: Access advanced Quora strategies in our paid course.

Master AI Video Creation for Free: Unlock Your Creativity

AI Video Creation Course helps you create engaging videos using AI tools.

Value for Beginners:

  • Step-by-step video creation.
  • Utilize AI for creative video content.
  • Boost your video marketing skills.

Create Faceless YouTube Videos Using Free best AI courses Tools Only

Faceless YouTube Videos is perfect for creating engaging YouTube content without showing your face. This is the best ai course(s) to learn to make faceless YouTube videos.

Value for Beginners:

  • Learn to create faceless videos.
  • Use free AI tools for video content.
  • Increase your YouTube reach.

Become Pro: Unlock advanced YouTube strategies in our paid course.

ChatGPT for Facebook Ads & Instagram Marketing for Beginners

Facebook Ads & Instagram Marketing teaches beginners to create effective ads using ChatGPT.

Value for Beginners:

  • Design impactful Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • Utilize AI to enhance your marketing.
  • Increase your ad effectiveness.

Become Pro: Master social media marketing with our advanced courses.

SEO with ChatGPT: Best AI Courses Online

Our SEO with ChatGPT course covers the basics of using ChatGPT to improve your website’s SEO.

Value for Beginners:

  • Learn SEO fundamentals.
  • Use ChatGPT to enhance SEO strategies.
  • Improve your website’s search ranking.

Become Pro: Deep dive into advanced SEO techniques in our paid course.

By taking advantage of our free AI courses online, you’ll gain valuable skills and insights to enhance your knowledge. Each course provides a solid foundation, and for those looking to become experts, our paid courses offer advanced techniques and deeper understanding. Start your AI learning journey today with the best AI courses online free!

We will bring more AI courses online for free and update this article, just make sure you save this article and check back later to see more added courses. Also, you can explore all our Free artificial intelligence online course and other courses here.