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5 Lead Generation Secrets Only Handful People Know

Are you searching for ways to stand out from your competitors to reach a wider audience? If so, you may want to implement a lead-generation strategy to transform casual site visitors into loyal followers for your business.

With an abundance of information and resources available online (check out the numbers in real-time from Internet Stats), anyone can perform a search to learn about a product or service without ever stepping into a store or speaking to a salesperson.

In other words, by the time a shopper finds your website, they may already know a lot about your product. Traditional methods of encouraging shoppers to make purchases — like explaining your products’ merits or highlighting why your services are effective — don’t work anymore.

Today, it’s more effective to establish trust among your audience. You want your business to be top-of-mind once shoppers are ready to make their purchases. How can you create trust through an effective lead-generation strategy to help your business thrive?

Lead generation explained

Lead generation is a method of attracting site visitors and converting them to leads — people who are potentially interested in purchasing your products or services.

According to HubSpot, the idea behind lead generation is to give potential customers the chance to get to know your business so that they want to buy your goods or services.

This will save you time and energy — instead of handing out fliers on the street corner or cold-calling people during dinner, a lead-generation strategy gets followers to come to you.

How do I create a lead-generation strategy?

Outline your audience’s pain points

To create a lead-generation strategy, start by outlining your customers’ pain points. What are they frustrated with? What problems do they want your product or service to solve?

Create a resource to pique their interests

Once you figure out what your customers want, you can create a resource 8 The Ultimate Traffic Guide to pique their interests. It should demonstrate that you are a knowledgeable source of reliable information.

This will create a sense of trust among your audience, as you’re not making a hard sell; rather, you’re providing additional value by helping customers learn about something they’re already interested in.

For example, imagine that you’re an independent travel agent living in New York City. People come to you because they want to visit unique places unknown to tourists. Many are foodies and like to brag about the obscure, off-the-beaten-path restaurants they’ve been to.

You decide to create an in-depth guide about the best quirky bars and restaurants located across the city. You call it “10 Unique Bars and Restaurants in New York City That Locals Don’t Know About.”

Promote the resource for lead generation

To promote your guide, you write a few blog posts describing what readers can expect to find when they read it.

You also use some social share plugin features (watch the below video) networking features to expand the reach of those posts.

You decide to post on social media, announcing your new guide to fans. An effective tweet might include the cover of your guide and the message, “Your search for one-of-a-kind restaurants in NYC is over — download this guide today!”

Collect information in exchange for the resource

Readers are asked to provide their names and email address. Once they supply the requested information, you use their contact details to build relationships with them, in turn transforming them into leads.

People will be happy to provide their email addresses if they receive something that helps them in return.

You won’t be promoting your travel booking services — instead, you’ll be showing potential customers that you’re knowledgeable about New York City. When the time comes for them to book trips, you’ll be the first person they think of.

A good lead-generation strategy is an effective way to get more business. Take the time to create a useful resource and promote it online. Once you’ve done this, fans will come knocking on your door in no time.

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