Google Slides Complete Guide: Step by Step from Zero to Pro

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Welcome to this course, Google Slides Complete Guide: Step by Step from Zero to Pro

Imagine having slides so engaging that people ask you for copies simply because they admire the design.

Your slides can make or break your presentation.

If you’re like most people giving a presentation can be frightening– It’s not just the public speaking, but you have to provide slides to go along with your talk.

Well-designed slides help you get your point across, make your presentation more engaging and provide a great memory aide when you’re on stage (or on Zoom!). Poorly-designed slides? Well, I think you know!

You don’t need any previous experience to succeed in this course. We starts with the basics, showing you around the Google Slides interface. He covers all the topics you will need to use Google Slides successfully. Topics like typography, layout, master slides, and adding media like audio and video are covered.

You won’t just learn the mechanicals of Google Slides– You’ll also learn how to create slides with IMPACT as we reviews how to best layout slides and discusses impactful typography and media usage.

As a participant in Powerful Presentations with Google Slides, you won’t just sit back passively and watch. You’ll practice your new skills with great projects that are included:

• A multimedia presenation

• Creating a social media card with Google Slides

• A complete infographic using Google Slides

Welcome to The Complete Google Slides Course. This course will teach you to understand how to use and design stunning slideshows using the Google application Google Slides.

Google Slides is a free presentation software that allows you to design visually-appealing presentations for both a professional and casual setting. When compared to Microsoft Powerpoint, Slides offers the benefit of simplicity. With its various templates and themes, it can be as simple as plugging text into the provided text boxes. However, you can take your presentation one step further by adding in customizations. By inserting images, animations, transitions, charts, and diagrams you can amaze your audience!

As a complete Google Slides course, this course will start from the basics; first covering the benefits of why you should use Google Slides and how to set up a presentation from either scratch or from a template. It will then segment into the design functions of Google Slides. The lessons from this section include understanding how to use the text box, how to create charts, how to insert links, and more. The learning portion of the course is then closed off with videos teaching more advanced/ not widely known functions. Here you will learn how to edit a master to further customize your slides, insert attention-grabbing diagrams to display data, and apply image masks to morph photos. In addition, quick wins are scattered across these three sections to provide more tips on how to create stunning, captivating presentations.

Sometimes Google Slides’ simple user interface misleads users to not take full advantage of the offered tools. Therefore there is a section that quickly walks through creating a few common slides to showcase how combining these simple and basic functions can lead you to stunning slideshows. Since presentations should be catered to their subject, these examples would not fit for every presentation topic. However, once you understand and become familiar with the tools on Google Slides, you will be able to follow your creativity and bring your slide visions to life.

Google Slides is a powerful application that allows you to design beautiful presentations for all occasions. This course will also show you how to strengthen your collaboration and communication skills so you can co-work on slideshows from the comforts of your own home. Some of the many things that you can make on Google Slides include:

  • Consulting proposals, case studies, stock pitches
  • Digital scrapbooks, portfolios, lookbooks
  • Lectures, projects, and etc.

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