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Reselling Of Courses – KuKu Courses

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  • Post published:June 16, 2022
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Do you know what? you can also get any courses for reselling. It means that if you want to start may be your own education business where you want recorded courses to sell to students but the problem you have is that you either:-

  • Don’t have courses to sell, or
  • You are not willing to create courses on your own.

So, to solve this we have introduced this option to resell our courses to you. So you can directly put our courses on your website and resell them at your own price or whatever you want to do.

Important thing if you want to create online course website business click on below button.

Requirements to Resell our Courses

You need to buy our license of ” business with us ” don’t worry it is very cheap will only cost $5 one time payment.

After you will buy it you will be enabled to opt for all ” business with us ” options. After that contact [email protected] and share your payment receipt of the license and tell us which course you want to get.

Also, some courses may have our logo or our partner’s logo so make sure you are comfortable in it.

Resell Courses Price

We charge for each course as per duration. It is just a one-time cost per course. Charges as per duration mentioned below:-

  • 0 minutes to 1-hour course will cost $15
  • 1 hour to 3 hours course will cost $32
  • 3 hours to 7 hours course will cost $41
  • 7 hours to 12 hours course will cost $46
  • Above 12 hours course will cost $55

So select the course you want from here and contact us to email [email protected] we will share your payment link to pay and provide you with course access.

Course Access

We will share with you one PDF inside that PDF we will attach all lesson embed code so you need to copy each lesson embed code and paste it to your website’s LMS lesson.

Rules & Regulations

You have to mention to us which domain you will upload our courses. You can’t upload our courses FREE somewhere. If we find you are sharing our courses on more than 2 domains we will ban you instantly, with no refund, plus we will disable embed codes.

Still, if you have any questions to ask you can contact support at

Hope you have a great day ahead 🙂